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The Challenge:

  • A lack of urgency and ability in the organisation to execute production improvement actions
  • Production performance was significantly impacted by both planned and unplanned outages
  • Many of the processes/tools were in place but were not used to drive day to day production execution
  • Levels of production losses were not visible. Data was available but the level of granularity was insufficient
  • Root cause analysis was not systematically applied, reverting to historical experience and pre-conceived solutions
  • Lack of challenge between function and asset around performance with a lack of clear operational targets aligned with the organisational structure
  • Lack of clarity on who should drive what actions


  • Identified over 20 tangible production improvement opportunities
  • Methodical review and implementation of 11 production improvements that increased production by over 12,000 barrels per day
  • Clear accountability for production performance across the organisation achieved
  • Maximum production potential reviewed and established for every asset –increasing production targets by >15%
  • Up to 30% improvement in 28 day plan attainment
  • Stabilisation of the backlog in priority 1 and 2 activities


  • Clarified the accountability for production and the roles and responsibilities for production management across the organisation
  • Developed the production management framework and production standards
  • Improved production performance reporting and reviews
  • Implemented integrated activity planning across operated assets and alignment / improvement across non-operated assets
  • Developed production improvement plans for every asset
  • Installed choke models and a robust maximum production potential setting process across all operated and non-operated assets
  • Highly engaged the subsurface and asset community who are seeing and driving the tangible opportunities to improve production performance
  • Upgraded processes and agreed best practice for managing losses and improvement from investigating the root causes
  • Stimulated and drove volume improvement actions