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The Challenge:

  • 100+ year old site with inconsistent performance and engrained, poor safety, supervisory and performance behaviours
  • Declining market share in some products facing fierce Asian competition with lower unit costs
  • Lack of flexibility in a highly unionised workforce with low levels of responsibilities and accountability, especially in areas requiring continuous improvement
  • Lack of coordination between highly interdependent production plants, support services (waste and energy) and engineering
  • Inadequate Planning and Reporting with an ineffective Execution Control Systems
  • Limited use of Short Interval Controls, KPIs and Root Cause Analysis
  • Little control over the usage and cost of: raw materials, contractors, overtime and energy consumption and costs

What we did:

  • Implemented a new workforce model with a shift performance management system
  • Implemented a more effective Execution Control System that included introducing greater SICs and reporting KPIs on a shift / daily basis with a focus on data driven performance
  • Implementation of lubrication program, bad actor process; RCFA process; Criticality index / asset care strategies & PM prioritisation
  • Contractor jobs included in work order system and established contractor management process
  • Implemented RACIs on waste & energy management and trained workforce on energy & waste awareness

The benefits:

  • Higher levels of consistent performance, allowing the site to more than double production volumes within 12 months and consolidate production from another site
  • Increased levels of management control and consistency
  • 15% increase in labour efficiency & improved labour flexibility to allow for safe reallocation of resources in a more cost effective manner
  • Improved communication and coordination between departments with common goals and objectives
  • Short interval controls installed on 18 plants measuring the performance critical processes
  • Creation of a continuous improvement system & culture
  • Savings on: overtime £0.2m, raw materials £0.5m, waste £0.2m, energy £0.2m and contractors £0.3m