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Offshore Oil and Gas

The Challenge:

  • To cut the duration of the Turnaround , so increasing the production output.


What we did:

  • We conducted a trial of the Digital Turnaround / Shutdown Management Tool (DTAR) on an offshore platform that was conducting a 60 day TAR/ Shutdown. We addressed the first element of integration and very quickly observed some opportunities that were then acted upon and delivered some significant results.
  • First, we integrated the permit system of work (ISSOW) with SAP work orders.
  • We then integrated this to Primavera to include all the tasks that are needed to be performed on the platform for the TAR to create visibility across all areas to replace the ‘Bookies Board’ / area work board / permit board.

The results:

  • Productive hours increased from 6 hours per day to 8 hours per day per operator on a 300 person platform
  • TAR duration was cut by 10% leading to a gain of 6 days of production @ 30,000 barrels per day
  • Flotel hired for the 60 day TAR @£250K per day. This cost was reduced by 6 days as a result of the TAR duration reduction.