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About us

Experienced, specialist consultants who understand the challenges our clients face and deliver successful, robust and sustainable solutions.

Providing independent business performance analysis, improvement and change management services to management consultancies and corporate clients.

Helping companies understand, manage and drive significant improvements in their performance.

Leading and supporting significant, complex and sustainable change programmes and projects.

Coaching business leaders, managers and consultants to be able to achieve and maintain high levels of business performance.

Delivering management training to support individual management development needs.

Co-develop business tools with clients to better: use, understand and manage their business data to drive improvements in performance.

What We Do

We convert business opportunities into reality, delivering improvements, by providing
the knowledge and experience to do the heavy lifting.

Performance Management

Timely, challenging reviews, ensuring clear accountability for performance at every step in the value chain.

Strategy and Planning

Formalising the path and direction of the business, building robust plans, aligning teams and resources.

Operational Excellence

Connecting people, systems and processes, consistently and efficiently delivering value, aligned to business objectives.

Technology and Projects

Streamlining, automating and implementing improvement projects and programmes.

Procurement and Supply Chain

Building best practice, delivering tangible improvements and driving reductions in 3rd party expenditure.

Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions

Evaluation, assessment, planning, negotiation, due diligence, oversight and delivery.

Business Processes

  • Best Practices
  • Integrated Value Chain
  • High Capability
  • Fast and Cost Effective

We work with clients in all aspects of
business performance management

Giving the organisation the ability to see,
understand, manage and drive performance


  • Tailored Organisation Structure
  • Clear Roles and Responsibilities
  • Capability Development
  • Performance Management


  • Fact Based Dialogue
  • Team based (versus Individual)
  • Embedded and Ingrained


  • Delivered and Sustained
  • Owned by the organisation
  • Achieved by the organisation

Management System

  • KPIs and Scorecards
  • Linked to Strategy
  • Reviews, Decisions and Actions
  • Clear Accountabilities


  • Consistent with Strategy
  • Driving Behaviours
  • Contextual and Grounded

Performance Culture

  • Learning Organisation
  • Always testing and evaluating
  • Striving for Continuous Improvement

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